Parenting Class – DV Recovery (4 sessions)

Do you wonder if you and your children can have a “new normal” amidst your transition? 

This Christian Faith-Based Parenting Class is designed to empower (not belittle) you for the journey.

You will focus on:

1. Identifying your God-given power to begin again despite the impact of the abuse and control of your past relationship.

2. Building more momentum in your mental and spiritual wellness.

3. Encouraging your children in their own unique journey while building a lasting legacy.

4. Creating family routines and home structure that foster healing.

5. Recognizing what you truly want in a relationship.

*Disclaimer: This Parenting Class is purely educational and does not serve as therapy or psychological counseling.

In a 1:1 setting filled with interactive discussion, practical exercises, and homework takeaways – you will meet virtually with an Instructor for 50 minutes per session.

*Please call 609-337-4551 or email to speak to the Instructor about scheduling. A total fee of $140 covers the cost of all four sessions + digital books.

3 John 2 – “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”


Keturah A. Ford’s 20 years of work and volunteer experience began when she first accepted the “call” to serve as a Child Advocate in a Domestic Violence Shelter in 2002. Keturah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology + Masters Degree in Education. She is also a Certified Parenting Instructor and Author who is trauma-informed and experienced at working with the general public and those who have court-ordered requirements. She is purposeful about her mission to see women and families thrive despite the challenges they face.

Download “God’s Words For The Woman Who Wants To Love Well